Resonance is Love by June Steiner


Resonance is love,
pulsing throughout the cosmos.....
While dancing with joy.

We give and receive,
vibrating our essence....
Reflecting pure light.

Awareness arrives,
and forgiveness awakens....
As we share heartspace.

Each day a new path,
each thought a creative force....
Each act pure kindness.

Life force illumens,
growing higher consciousness....
Searching for wholeness.


Poem by June Steiner, Ph.D.

Laughing Buddhas

Sometimes enlightenment comes in laughter... enjoy!

To Be Great


Rise Up

A call to action for all of us to RISE UP!

We Came to Dance

Peace Mantra with Tina Turner


GOOD of the WHOLE: Making it a better place

Heal the World by Michael Jackson

Waking up at 2:22 this morning I was called to the Internet, as many of us are these days with just reason. As a social media site Facebook has opened the doorway for us to connect around the world, in ways that previously hadn't been possible. Now more than ever we can feel a connective heart beat across the world, meeting people that would have never been possible. We can now create an intentional global community where the capacity to respond to each other's needs can happen in milliseconds.  Recently, I was teaching a Dowsing course and shared it on social media and discovered that a newfound Facebook friend just happened to live in the town where I was teaching. He not only came to the class, we have become close friends, and together we are changing the world with our love, skill and shared purpose. 

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Communities Across the World aren't Waiting...

Communities across the world who aren't waiting for world leaders to take climate change action. They are doing their best, right now, to adopt to a low-carbon future in which sustainability and clean energy help offset the impacts of climate change. Featuring Burlington, Vermont; Dardesheim, Germany; and Dharnai, India.

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Video that will Change Your Life

We're not sure a video can "change your life."  Only YOU can change your life.  But this video can certainly inspire you to love a little more, give a little more, share a little more, help a little more, serve a little more and align with the #GOODoftheWHOLE (you get the picture?).  And all of that may just change your life!  Let this video touch whatever it is deep within that moves you into compassionate action and heart-centered service for the greater GOOD of the WHOLE.

TreeSisters: Is The Game Over?

Change is needed. We all know it. We all see what's happening to our world but few of us really know what on earth to do about it. Most of us are already stretched to the max, and then being asked to make huge changes just feels too much. TreeSisters focuses on finding ways to ways to build our strength, our connection to our bodies, each other and nature so that from a filled up and resourced place change then feels more possible.

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Educate the Heart: A Force for Good

A goal of education could be to create not just good minds but good people. This requires a fundamental rethinking of how teachers prepare children for the challenges of adulthood. It can start with “social and emotional” learning: helping students learn how to recognize and master their turbulent feelings and to acknowledge kindness as an essential ingredient of everyday life.

Street Art with a Message of Hope and Peace

Born in France to Tunisian parents, eL Seed delights in juggling multiple cultures, languages and identities. Not least in his artwork, which sets Arabic poetry in a style inspired by street art and graffiti. In this quietly passionate talk, the artist and TED Fellow describes his central ambition: to create art so beautiful it needs no translation.

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