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Day 33 Love Lives Here:

Reconnection with the Sacred within All Life

A Gift from Loving Waters produced by Elizabeth Rogers






Listen to Ayla Nereo's song "The Course" from the Code Of Flowers


LOVE LIVES HERE  Loving Waters: Water Wisdom Shares 

SEE BELOW: ZOOM INFORMATION FOR ALL CALLS: Please try to join us 5 min early!

30 Minute Offerings by Loving Waters Council Mentors with Group Sharing


May 5 Replay:
 Whole Water Wisdom with Elizabeth Herald: (Reconnection with Self) 

CLICK HERE Whole Water Wisdom”  

Connecting with our individual sacred relationship with the One Source water, which connects us to all life.

Elizabeth is currently working passionately as a citizen Water Guardian, while creating the Water Awake Network and co-creating Loving Waters. She has found this passion to be fulfilling her life’s purpose, returning 100% purity to Our One Living Source Water's body, flow and song for the future generations of ALL LIFE.

More About Elizabeth 


May 11 Replay:  Waitaha: Reconnecting to Peaceful Waters with Shelley Darling (Reconnection with Each Other)

CLICK HEREWaitaha: Reconnecting to Peaceful Waters

"Few understand that the Pacific World knew peace for over 2,500 years. The old histories that cover those years speak of the days without conflict, say to take the life of another is to destroy your own. Archaeological excavations find no weapons of war in the sites of those times. " Barry Brailsford

In 2009 Shelley on a trip to Australia was gifted the book "In Search of the Southern Serpent" by Barry Brailsford. This was her introduction to Waitaha and a confederation of people that navigated the Waters to Aotearoa. From their she followed a calling back to New Zealand, home to the Pounamu.

More about Shelley


May 21 Replay: Maya Shaw Gale: (Reconnection with Earth)

CLICK HERE “The 4 Dimensions of Water” 

Water gives us a beautiful reflection & teaching of the 4 dimensions of consciousness we are embedded in and how to experience & express Love through each one.

Maya Shaw Gale, a long time Water Guardian and Ceremonialist, is also a transformational life coach, published poet, energy worker and retreat leader. Maya’s passion is to unify communities around the understanding of Water as our common ancestor, our essence, and the Source of all Life and to restore our sacred relationship with Water and Mother Earth.

More about Maya



May 31 REPLAY with Kathleen Brigidina: (Reconnection with the Sacred within all Life) 

CLICK HERE Water, a Sacred Conduit of Peace, Unity & Love 

Water carries, responds, and shares the energy of our collective spirit, holding us in a watery womb of universal oneness across our precious planet. 

From Kathleen: I am honored to be a water guardian, and loving advocate for our precious Earth. I trust in the evolutionary flow of our collective spirit, as I discover and share ancient Earth wisdom through my life's work as an Eco-Artist, Writer, Art Facilitator, Creative Essence Coach, and energy practitioner. Kathleen is a Water Guardian for the Great Lakes Watershed, including Des Plaines River, Chicago River and the Fox River.

More about Kathleen


***June 9th Closing Water Blessing TBA



If you do come on late please enter quietly, honoring the energy of the field. Thank you!

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Gratitude to Charlie Riverman for Daily Water Prayers and Poems

Charlie Riverman Bergeron – EarthAngel, is a Watershed Guardian for the  Mt Agamenticus Watershed in York, Maine. The name 'Riverman' was given to him when he was recognized as an EarthAngel when he met a Storyteller named "Greywing". He describes himself in essence as a human co-facilitator of Higher Energies and Purpose, or as he was guided to say, a Spiritual Recovery Facilitator, assisting all to raise their energy and empower them to access their Spirit Nature, freely and without restriction or fear. More about Charlie 



Loving Waters is a growing global/local alliance of Water advocates and ambassadors coming together in remembrance
of our primary sacred relationship ~ Water as Life. Loving Waters provides connection, support and focus for committed
Water Stewards. As an educational community, Loving Waters is bringing broader awareness of our world's Water as an
intelligent living organism to be respected and loved. We encourage the celebration of our ONE Water as the source of all
life on Earth.
Our mission is to inspire deeper awareness, conversation and participation regarding humanity’s vital roles of stewardship
and advocacy in caring for our ONE Source Water.

Our intention is to celebrate our One Water as the Source of All Life upon our beloved Mother Earth, and to globally encourage the simple act of giving gratitude to our Water, through various ceremonies and blessings, as a significant pathway to healing and reconciliation for the planet. 

Each month on the full moon, we gather together virtually and locally in our own watershed, to connect in gratitude as individuals, family, friends and community receiving and giving of the blessings of the Water. In doing so, we deepen our love and honor for Water as Source. Any  traditions of Water blessings which resonate with you are welcomed and honored.

Monthly, on the new moon, Loving Waters also provides connection, support, focus and inspiration for Water advocates on a monthly conference call. As well, encouraging greater connections, while hosting a fun and lively social networking presence locally and globally.  

Consider joining us as a fellow Water Steward  


Together we connect what has long been separated and celebrate what is most sacred, 

 ~The Source of Life ~ Our Living Water and Mother Earth.

~ Elizabeth Herald 


          IMG_4513.jpg image3.JPG image4.JPG

By gathering together and sending Love and Gratitude to the Water, we are consciously enhancing

the vibration of the Water in the lake or river, in our bodies and also the surrounding landscape.

Love is a powerful healer! 

~ Julie Armstrong ~



screen shot

With joy and gratitude, we present you with this beautiful, practical brochure as a gift and teaching tool for your local Water Blessings, family gatherings, schools and expositions. Please be sure you select the correct file set for your region


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