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Through this web site, we call to action this Global Conversation that becomes our New Cooperative World.  When enough of the global population Agrees to this New Paradigm Shift, we will stop supporting or serving the old paradigm in ONE DAY. On that day, we begin to realize our natural abilities to live in peace.

  • commented on Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest, Wiser Earth 2017-03-13 14:16:37 -0500
    Paul Hawken speaks from an lack of interest in the World Peace Movements. His list of movements are strangers to the solutions for a free and kind world with intense intimate cooperation across all continents. A global mind shift is at hand but Paul Hawken promotes and supports fixing and sustaining the present competitive, political, currency enslaved world we are all dying to end all life in. Tevin Chidester
  • commented on SIGN the #LoveMore Pledge 2017-03-13 12:12:57 -0500
    Dear Love More,
    The Resource Based Economy (RBE) is the template for peace and abundance on a thriving planet, which is why we should Unify, Love More,The Water Protectors, Venus Project, Zeitgeist Movement, Anonymous, Ubuntu Planet, Free World Charter, Money Free Party, CMTRCSA, New Earth Project, Thrive Movement, Noomap, Synergy Hub, United Earth, United Humanity, WeAgree.life and all supporters to free humanity to save our home Planet…

    Tevin Chidester
    [email protected]
Elder of the World Peace Movements since 1972. Began seeing the world as it is enslaved since 1951. Author and co-creator of http://www.WeAgree.Life since 1978. Dr. of Natural healing modalities. Restaurateur, Documentary film Director, Co-Creator of Star
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