What Lies Beyond the Stars with Michael Goorjian


What happens when one gets caught up in the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of technology with its plethora of attention-mongering digital noise? Where attention is for sale and fame is the new religion? Journey with Emmy Award-winning actor and director, Michael Goorjian, as we explore the essence of his new novel, What Lies Beyond the Stars. What if technology is a prison and the universe is really alive? How might our lives change if we realize we are divinely connected? And perhaps madness is the doorway and attention is the key to something greater.

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Michael Goorjian is an Emmy Award-winning actor, filmmaker, and writer. His acting credits include Party of Five, Leaving Las Vegas, Chaplin, SLC Punk, Hard Rain, and HBO’s upcoming drama Wizard of Lies opposite Robert De Niro. As a director, Michael achieved widespread recognition for his first major independent film, Illusion. Since then, he has directed the Louise L. Hay documentary, You Can Heal Your Life, Wayne Dyer’s film, The Shift, and the Tales of Everyday Magic original film anthology.

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