What Should I do With All This Love?


I woke this morning with a heart filled with love. I was caught by surprise because I did not know what to do with it. Standing alone in my room, I pondered the possibilities. The options were endless and overwhelming. How can I possibly choose what to do with the love in my heart? What if I choose the wrong option? What if I choose an option and I do not have enough love for the task? What if I choose an option that takes all my love away and I do not have any left for me or my family? What if I give my love away and I never have love in my heart again? The pondering was beginning to cripple me. I could feel my legs weaken and I began to sink to the floor in fear. Just when the crushing feeling of being overwhelmed was about to completely zap me from any sense of the love I had in my heart, my inner knowing swept me up upon my strengthened legs and I began to dance. In the moment of my first twirl, I knew the answer to all of my what ifs: it was to share the love abundantly with no fear of limits. For the beauty of love is when you share from the place of love it can only grow. For the rest of this day I gave away my love. I shared it from that deepest knowing of love and all I received in return was love. I received it from that deepest place of knowing within me that illuminates my entire being…love and more love.


Michelle Marie Grabanski Pohlad

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  • June Steiner
    commented 2016-03-01 19:07:52 -0600
    What a beautiful example of finding the strength within to change one’s reality in the moment and to return to the joy and power of love. Thanks Michelle for your constant wisdom and willingness to share your inner experiences. With constant admiration and love…

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