Wholeness is the Medicine of Our Times


(ART: Mary Southard)

We are living in unprecedented times. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has completely shifted our understanding of ourselves and the interconnected reality we live in. This global wake-up call has created a unifying pathway to embody wholeness, expand unity awareness, and generate large-impact sustained change. We have a unique opportunity to fundamentally transform all of our outdated and dysfunctional social systems with a deeper understanding of wholeness.

This universal call to action will be more wholly efficacious when considered a radical, transformative reset for personal, cultural, and planetary whole-systems health and healing. Considered within the lens of conscious evolution and a whole worldview, our emergent response to myriad growing challenges must align with the ancient wisdom and new science of unitive wholeness, using nature’s design and the principles of Life for the good of the whole.

PERSONAL WHOLENESS: Living for the Good of the Whole

To incite personal responsibility, it’s important to educate people of the true nature of reality. But mere education falls short of the powerful cathartic shift that can occur with an embodied experience of wholeness. There are many paths to an embodied state of wholeness. It can now be cultivated within groups practicing resonance, coherence, and attuning to the Unified Field of Consciousness. Regardless of the path, stabilizing unity awareness brings a deep, felt understanding of our interconnected, interdependent relationship with Earth as one planetary body, nature, the Cosmos, and the designing intelligence of the Universe. This felt, lived experience brings us into right relationship with Life, brings a peaceful sense of unity, and compels us to live for the good of the whole.    

CULTURAL WHOLENESS: Co-Creating Whole-Systems Health

Living for the good of the whole, we invite a new level of wholeness in all of our relationships—including marriage, family, and the workplace. We see clearly how outdated and dysfunctional systems and structures are not serving our highest good. We engage wholeness as a blueprint for greater wholeness. The embodied experience stimulates a deeper listening to the Impulse of Evolution and emerging inner wisdom. We follow the emergence toward re-forming, re-building, and re-imagining everything. And we engage in service, volunteering our time, talent and resources co-creating whole-systems change.

PLANETARY WHOLENESS: Expanding a Whole Worldview

As we embody, express, and engage wholeness, we expand a whole worldview. We become living expressions of wholeness in all areas of our lives. This local activation is an important catalyst for global healing. Our lived experience reverberates out to all those around us—creating a ground-swell of unity awareness and a deeper understanding of the true nature of reality.   

The COVID-19 call to action is a radical, transformative reset for personal, cultural, and planetary whole-systems health and healing. This loving approach to Life, moves humanity beyond the perils and challenges endemic within the illusion of separation, to a tangible, regenerative and life-affirming existence for Earth and all its inhabitants. This is an anecdote for fear and a remedy for the dis-ease of separation. In this age of conscious evolution and complete whole-system transformation, wholeness is the medicine of our times.

Join us at GOOD of the WHOLE, where we are collectively in service co-creating whole-systems health, expanding a whole worldview, and living for the good of the whole.


Dr. Julie serves as a midwife for the evolution of consciousness, whole systems health, and a whole worldview. She works with evolutionary change-agents—co-creating greater connection and wholeness—as a bestselling and award-winning author, speaker, consciousness coach, mentor, host of The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected, and Co-Founder of Good of the Whole.

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