Window of Opportunity


Do you sometimes feel like the world is throwing so much at you so quickly that you don't know which way to turn?


Do you sometimes feel like the world is throwing so much at you so quickly that you don't know which way to turn? With so many emails, teleconferences, phone calls, meetings, family obligations, weather disasters and news headlines bombarding our senses, we can feel overwhelmed with which to focus on first.

When was the last time you sat quietly and allowed yourself time to take a deep breath...and do absolutely nothing? Does that sound intimidating? Impossible? Like a waste of precious time? Like you might be MISSING something? Like you're not doing enough?

What if you realized that by taking a moment of stillness, something could emerge in front of you that you would have most likely missed if you hadn't slowed down all of your frenzied thoughts and frantic moving around?

These are the moments when we can rely on our intuition to 'tell' us what is emerging. It is our inner sense guidance that helps us see the bigger picture beyond the harried daily trappings of our busy, interconnected world. Our intuition is the spiritual wiring that connects our natural energy to all of our senses. When our intuition guides us, we can relax into our circumstances with a new perspective. We can hear, see, and sense from that deeper Knowing only when we consciously take the time to connect to the Source of our intuitive senses.

We have the opportunity to find those moments of stillness at any time, even in the midst of chaos. It starts with taking a deep breath. Pretty simple, isn't it? The more we practice slowing down our breathing, the more grounded and centered we will feel. When we find that center of quiet within ourselves we can make better decisions, and our choices of how to respond become more clear. We intuitively know what feels right, not only for us but for the good of the whole. We intuitively know what is Truth and what is propaganda. We intuitively know how our Highest Self wants to express itself.

Through that small window of opportunity, our lives can dramatically change from the energy of fear to love in an instant. We can remember that fear constricts our energy flow, causing stress and dis-ease. We can instead choose to focus on everything that Love brings, which opens our hearts to deeper breaths and a clear sense of peacefulness.

My highest guidance comes when I take the time to open that beautiful window wide. When I do, it is my opportunity to connect to the Source of connect to Life, rather than run away or resist what is happening. In that place, there is no stress or overwhelm. There is only Love...which is the Universal Mothersource of peace, joy, and wisdom.

This state of quiet knowing will guide us to our next step, whether it is assisting another who is suffering, volunteering our time to clean up the environment, or changing our personal agendas without hesitation in order to help someone else. There are endless opportunities for us to serve the greater good.

The window of opportunity is always open to us, right now. When we choose to keep our window clean and clear at all times there is a message, an understanding, a universal gift that is constantly waiting for us to receive. Just breathe, be still, and know it.


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  • Julie Krull
    commented 2015-01-14 14:41:37 -0600
    I love how you speak so gently about centering health around spirit and consciousness. Thanks for reminding us to live via that guidance.

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