Human Emotions can Change DNA with Gregg Braden

Published on Feb 17, 2015

Gregg Bradden full movie amazing lecture- watch here - No#1 in the world Hosting 25% Off . I’ve failed over and over and over again. And that is why I succeed - You can do it too! . In this first of nine clips, Gregg talks about how our emotions can affect our physical world. His extensive knowledge of ancient texts, coupled with his background in hard sciences, uniquely qualifies him to bring the benefit of long-lost traditions to the forefront of our lives today. He is also a leading authority on bridging the wisdom of our past with the science, medicine, and peace of our future. Human emotions can change DNA !
The Divine Matrix features four landmark discoveries that link our lives to the matrix in an unprecented way.
- Deep truth - Astral Projections - Gregg Braden .
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2015 @ www - Divine Matrix - interview

10 Choices You Won't Regret in 10 Years by Marc Chernoff of


I don’t regret the things I’ve done. I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.

In the end, more than anything else, we regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were too afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.

Think about it…

The big opportunity you procrastinated on. That friend you never called. Those important words you left unspoken.

You know what I’m talking about.

Every one of us has experienced feelings of regret. But it’s not too late to set things straight. We’re still here breathing. Today we have an opportunity to change tomorrow. Right now we can choose to erase regret from our later years.

It’s time to make the best of each and every day. Here are some ideas to get you started – ten things you can start doing now that you won’t regret 10 years down the road:

1. Explore what YOU love, and own it. – If you spend your life trying to define yourself by what someone else loves, you’re going to be miserable. Try things – try everything. Explore. See what makes you hear music inside and what makes your heart swell, and then go do it. Find out everything you can about it. Find other people who love it too. If you waste time pretending to like something just because other people you think are “cool” like it, you’re going to end up with the wrong people and circumstances in your life. Love what you love and be yourself, and you will end up with a lifestyle and relationships that make you truly happy.

How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One By Katrin Geist, Guest Writer for Wake Up World


Breaking the habit of being yourself requires – dare I say it? – discipline. Daily discipline. And once you embark on it, it’s the most wonderful process in the making. It is exciting and fun, and it becomes easier and easier with every time you practice, just like training a muscle. You do indeed create your life! You’re in the driver’s seat, entirely. And if that’s not great news, I do not know what is! You absolutely have the power to change your life in any way you desire. You create your life every day, with volition or without, on a nerve cell/brain structure and thought/quantum level.

So why not actively create your life, instead of mostly running in automatic-reactive-survival mode? Why wait to change your life until crisis hits? A crisis can be a great catalyst – yet we’re free to choose change now. So why not create out of joy instead? We all can. And lasting change is not only possible, it is fun to set in motion. The following article shares ideas from a fabulous book by Dr. Joe Dispenza (see review below).

Interacting with the quantum field...


PATIENCE A Dimension of Consciousness By John Van Auken


Edgar Cayce has a strange and fascinating perspective on patience. To him, patience is not just a virtue but also another dimension. “Time, space, and patience are those channels through which man as a finite mind may become aware of the infinite,” he explained. (Edgar Cayce Reading 3161-1) But then, in the same reading, he goes on to say, “There is no time, no space, when patience becomes manifested in love.” He explains, “Love unbounded is patience. Love manifested is patience.” (Edgar Cayce Reading 262-24)



You are Magnificent, Creative Being


You are Magnificent! You are an amazing creative individual! You are an imaginative being who came into this earth to support yourself and others. You are one of so many that can acknowledge the gift of reassuring yourself and others that life is "OK." The challenges brought forth for you and those around you are of your own doing. These challenges allow you and others to benefit in perfect joy and happiness.  It is your choice whether to take this as a positive or a negative.

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Playing For Change: Connecting the World Through Music

In response to the enthusiasm of those inspired by “Songs Around the World” and the mission of the Playing For Change Foundation, Playing For Change Day was created in 2011 to unite the global community through the power of music to affect positive social change. On Playing For Change Day, communities will gather as musicians and music lovers from all over the world to perform on stages, street corners, schools, yoga studios, and cafes all with the goal of bringing music into the lives of young people.

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Russell Brand's Spiritual Awakening

Russell Brand's Spiritual Awakening [MUST WATCH] spirituality, spiritual revolution, interview.

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Tomorrow -- The Film

Tomorrow - Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent
Many things have been tried to resolve the ecological and economic crises. They haven’t really worked. According to Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mohammed Yunnus, the strongest driving force in human beings is their desire and their imagination. He believes that today we must make films and tell stories that spark the desire to build another world. This is what Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent decided to do by lining up known solutions in all spheres side-by-side to show what our society could look like tomorrow…

The (R)evolution - Cultural Creatives FILM


Jim Carrey's Secret of Life - Inspiring Message

Free to Be Me


I spent many of my developing years perfecting the art of showing up the way others expected me to be. It never occurred to me to just be me. Honestly, I wouldn’t have understood what that even meant. I was too busy trying to earn approval from my parents, teachers, friends, and colleagues who told me how to act, speak, dress, smile, you name it. Like a chameleon, I found it easy to transform from one expectation to another.


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Our Common Global Values

Will we remain divided by our differences or come together as one? A paradigm shift from separation and isolation to connection and collaboration has the power to transform the world.

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40 Reasons to Trust Women

JOIN THE MOVEMENT: 17-18 NOVEMBER 2015 Trust Women Conference, London

We asked delegates at the 2014 Trust Women Conference a very simple question: ‘Why do you Trust Women?’

More than 100 people queued up to speak to the camera, sharing inspiring stories, experiences and anecdotes.

This video includes 40 delegates from all around the world.

At the Thomson Reuters Foundation we stand for free, independent journalism, human rights, women’s empowerment, and the rule of law. We expose corruption worldwide and play a leading role in the fight against human trafficking. We use the skills, values, and expertise of Thomson Reuters to run programs that trigger real change and empower people around the world. We tackle global issues. We achieve lasting impact.

Scilla Elworthy: Fighting with non-violence

How do you deal with a bully without becoming a thug? In this wise and soulful talk, peace activist Scilla Elworthy maps out the skills we need -- as nations and individuals -- to fight extreme force without using force in return. To answer the question of why and how non-violence works, she evokes historical heroes -- Aung San Suu Kyi, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela -- and the personal philosophies that powered their peaceful protests. (Filmed at TEDxExeter.)

Leading with Resonance for the GOOD of the WHOLE

Shelley Darling International Speaker, Evolutionary Dowser/Catalyst/Educator speaking in Dunedin, New Zealand at the Forsyth Barr Stadium 2017

#LOVEMORE: Leading with Resonance for the GOOD of the WHOLE

Let’s begin with you as an individual. Feel into the power of your message going forward and it’s impact on others and the planet. Now, consider the joy, potential, and possibility of co-creating with others, while re-sourcing the resonance field for the GOOD of the WHOLE. The experience and practice of leading with heart resonance, ignites and amplifies your message with greater presence, power and purpose. Accessing this field of unconditional love, you’re instantly uplifted, nourished and fueled for your fullest expression for GOOD of the Whole.

Come dive into the collective heartbeat of the Unified Field and #LoveMore

Thank you to Spryte Loriano and Robert Evans for our NZ Journey!

For speaking engagements: Contact: Shelley Darling Text till August1-415-516-3555

Let's Open Our World

It’s easy to think there are more things dividing us than uniting us. But we actually have much more in common with other nationalities than you’d think. If you dare to question who you really are, head to to WIN your own DNA journey: a DNA kit and the chance to visit every single country you're from!

Let’s Open Our World is an invitation to cross boundaries, embrace our differences and open our world. At momondo we believe that everybody should be able to travel the world, to meet other people, and experience other cultures and religions. Travel opens our minds: when we experience something different, we begin to see things differently.

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Gravity Glue with Stone Artist Michael Grab

"It is a fairly involved meditative practice, which seems to reveal very personal, and sometimes profound insights to the seasoned practitioner. Stone Balance for me is, in a sense, my Yoga, perhaps in the most literal way i can imagine. It is about dissolving the duality of my self and environment. I must BEcome the balance! There is nothing easy about it. It can frustrate me to my limits, and then i learn. Or it can reveal magic beyond words, and I learn." ~ Michael Grab

Discover Michael and his beautiful artistry at Gravity Glue

ASK PHILANTHROPISTS: Climate Breakthrough Now!

Published on May 20, 2015

Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe and “Reverend Reality” Michael Dowd make a compelling case for recognizing that we are all personally affected by climate change, that we must address climate change first and foremost, that we are called into our greatness to address the crisis, and that philanthropy must step up to help support a grassroots climate campaign that quickly engages millions of Americans.  See the campaign at:  ASK PHILANTHROPISTS

SPIRIT DOODLING: The Effortless Expression of NO-MIND by Victoria Friedman


My perception is that doodles simply happen. The whole experience is mysterious and spontaneous. I do not think about the doodle when I doodle. There s no thinking in the doodling. They come from the dimension of "No - Mind." Although I usually doodle when my mind is occupied, I have found in the process of creating my book "Spirit Doodling Effortless Expression of NO - MIND" that once the doodling state has been discovered, one is able to enter it as soon as the doodling begins.

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The Power of WE

Compassionate activism for global healing created by The Association for Global New Thought: