Coaching Wholeness


There is a very simple way to differentiate between conventional and integral coaching programs. It is the inclusion or exclusion of the zone experience. Does your coaching program include performing in the zone, yes or no? A simple question, but one that upsets many coaches because it suggests that their approach to coaching is missing something, which it is, and there is no way for conventional coaches to reconcile the fact that their performance programs exclude the highest order performance experience known to coaching – the experience of performance in the zone.

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Quantum Leadership

Quantum Leadership
Chris Laszlo, PhD
Professor, Weatherhead School of Management
Case Western Reserve University

The Youngest Motivational Speaker

"Confidence comes first!" KingNahh

Speaking with heart, while educating and empowering the world's children, youth and young adults.


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Let’s Swing


I woke up this morning with joy in my head

The message was sending from my heart it said

I loved the great feeling as my feet hit the floor

Sauntering my little self out my bedroom door


There was no one around as my smile filled my face

So I hurried and scurried to pick up my pace

For the next thought that fluttered into way

Was get yourself down there and play, play, play


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It’s Time To Wake Up


Blessed are the sleepy ones for they shall soon drop off…


I was channel surfing one day when I found myself watching an obviously brain injured young woman being attended to by three nurses. She was in a semi-comatose, twilight condition and the nurses were trying to wake her up.  Propping her limp body into a sitting position, they began poking, prodding, and speaking to her sharply while she, with eyes rolling wildly in fear and confusion, angrily flailed at them trying to get them to leave her alone so she could go back to sleep.  Ignoring her mute protestations, a nurse eventually forced a tooth brush into her hand, and when, with great effort, her patient finally managed to get the tooth brush somewhere in the vicinity of her mouth, one of the nurses remarked that this was a “good sign” while another branded it a “huge step forward.”

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Master Ayub's Park School in Pakistan

For the past three decades Pakistani firefighter Mohammed Ayub has been quietly working in his spare time to give children from Islamabad's slums an education and a better chance at life. 

Al Jazeera's Hassan Ghani went for a lesson.

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Not just carbon neutral - a commitment to carbon negative

Tshering Tobgay: This country isn't just carbon neutral -- it's carbon negative

Deep in the Himalayas, on the border between China and India, lies the Kingdom of Bhutan, which has pledged to remain carbon neutral for all time. In this illuminating talk, Bhutan's Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay shares his country's mission to put happiness before economic growth and set a world standard for environmental preservation.- BY Ted Talks

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Golden Rule Movie Trailer

Writing Trumps “Righting”


For the first half of my sixty-five years, I strove to be what others expected of me. My well-intentioned mother taught me many important-to-her life lessons such as, “Don’t win all the time. Let the boys win.” Among his litany of Dale Carnegie quotes, my dad offered, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Given that every moment was another first, I spent much of my life stressed out about showing up doing everything “right.”

I just completed a two-week Tai Ji program with a teacher who has been encouraging me since 1989 to let go of my attachment to “getting it right” and instead relax into my true nature. Discovering and expressing my true nature is a continual journey for me.

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What Should I do With All This Love?


I woke this morning with a heart filled with love. I was caught by surprise because I did not know what to do with it. Standing alone in my room, I pondered the possibilities. The options were endless and overwhelming. How can I possibly choose what to do with the love in my heart? What if I choose the wrong option? What if I choose an option and I do not have enough love for the task? What if I choose an option that takes all my love away and I do not have any left for me or my family? What if I give my love away and I never have love in my heart again? The pondering was beginning to cripple me. I could feel my legs weaken and I began to sink to the floor in fear. Just when the crushing feeling of being overwhelmed was about to completely zap me from any sense of the love I had in my heart, my inner knowing swept me up upon my strengthened legs and I began to dance. In the moment of my first twirl, I knew the answer to all of my what ifs: it was to share the love abundantly with no fear of limits. For the beauty of love is when you share from the place of love it can only grow. For the rest of this day I gave away my love. I shared it from that deepest knowing of love and all I received in return was love. I received it from that deepest place of knowing within me that illuminates my entire being…love and more love.


Michelle Marie Grabanski Pohlad

Karen Armstrong: 2008 TED Prize wish: Charter for Compassion As she accepts her 2008 TED Prize, author and scholar Karen Armstrong talks about how the Abrahamic religions -- Islam, Judaism, Christianity -- have been diverted from the moral purpose they share to foster compassion. But Armstrong has seen a yearning to change this fact. People want to be religious, she says; we should act to help make religion a force for harmony. She asks the TED community to help her build a Charter for Compassion -- to help restore the Golden Rule as the central global religious doctrine.

Ready for a More Compassionate Life?

Ready for a more compassionate life? Watch this video and then head over to the Charter for Compassion website and affirm the Charter for yourself. Join thousands of people all over the world who have decided to stand up and make compassion a part of their daily life.

Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature | Conservation International (CI)

Nature doesn't need people.  People need nature.

Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian Somerhalder all join forces to give nature a voice. Watch the films and take action at

Global Initiative: Teach One Million At-Risk Youth to Meditate


If you don’t already meditate, take my advice:Start. It will be the best decision you ever make.

"I had no idea how powerful and profound this technique could be until I saw firsthand how it was being practiced by young children in inner-city schools, veterans who suffer the living hell of post-traumatic stress disorder and women and girls who are victims of terrible violence. TM is, in a word, life changing for the good."

The David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace focuses on ensuring that every child anywhere in the world who wanted to learn to meditate could do so. 

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When facing a Global Crisis, how should we respond / Grant Dive

Grant Dive, Transition Specialist for Global Unity and Cooperation, Author and Humanitarian Expert, shares some key insights into the 'psychology of humanity' and the need for a unified approach to positive global change.

Liars as Leaders? Transforming a Culture of Lies

"It's Time for a Truth-Telling Revolution!"


With the US Presidential campaign dominating the news, I am sadly reminded of the pervasive lying in politics and the twisting of facts for personal gain. Professional fact-checker, Angie Drobnic Holan, wrote in The New York Times, “All politicians lie. Some lie more than others.” She cited the percentage of times some candidates lied; it was astounding. Yet even more troubling to me is that so many of their supporters don’t seem to care.

I am exasperated that I can’t trust my country’s leaders to tell me the truth – and that fellow citizens don’t share my insistence on honesty.

Lying is not endemic to the political arena. Indeed it seems to be a cultural epidemic. “We're all liars, but lies are necessary,” writes Lucy Kellaway, Financial Times columnist. “The corporate world demands them. Indeed, it cannot function without them.”

It’s time for a truth-telling revolution! Let us overthrow the acceptance of a culture of dishonesty!

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What I Didn't Do ~ The Zen of Success


In 1973 I dropped out of college and took a job jockeying a jack hammer in order to study full time under a West Virginia hillbilly, family man, house painter, and Zen Master hovering just above the poverty line in Wheeling, West Virginia. A poster child for the anti-guru, he claimed no lineage, accepted no money, and I was his first student. He cared deeply, lived carelessly, and couldn’t care less, and he died in the same obscurity into which he was born. Yet he remains the most successful and remarkable man I have ever met. Everything that is best in me I owe largely to him.

One day I approached him eager for his secret to success. What was the single most important thing he did in his life?

“It wasn’t what I did,” he replied without hesitation, “it was what I didn’t do.” Then he walked away leaving me baffled and a little miffed at what felt a lot like a rebuff…

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The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully I've Ever Seen

By turn hilarious and haunting, poet Shane Koyczan puts his finger on the pulse of what it's like to be young and ... different. "To This Day," his spoken-word poem about bullying, captivated millions. Here, he gives a glorious, live reprise with backstory.

This guy started out as a bully. Where he ended up will surprise you. It surprised the audience too, so they went ahead and gave him a rousing standing ovation. It's worth watching every single inspirational minute of this.