You are Love


Is it possible to love others if you don’t love yourself? Everyone is searching for love. Most people feel like they never received enough love from their parents or were totally confused about what needed to be done to experience love. So few people on this planet have truly unconditional love that most people have been starved for love all their life. This led to most people feeling like they are flawed or somehow unworthy of love. The common thing is then to share what we think is love trying to please others so we might somehow earn their love. It is this outward show of affection that is commonly accepted as love in this world.

How can you truly love yourself? It starts by seeing yourself as a fully complete spark of God. If you can conceive of a creator who has manifested this amazing world and universe, then you must be a perfect part of that creation. You are already love, as that is what the cosmos is created with. Accepting this logically is the first step. To anchor it in emotionally, try spending 5 minutes or so a day looking at yourself in the mirror saying “I love you.” Most of us find it easier to love our spirit than we do our body, that we often see as flawed. Once you begin to accept the totality of what makes you human, physical body, shadow self, as well as your spirit, then you can love the completeness that is you.

Write down things that demonstrate your self-love and self-trust. Reinforce it by treating yourself with the same compassion and respect that you try to show others. Be willing to say no to things that you used to do in order to try to gain love from others and instead do what your heart tells you it truly wants. Now from this place of self-love you will have an abundance of genuine love to share effortlessly and authentically with those with whom you associate. You are love.

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