You are Magnificent, Creative Being


You are Magnificent! You are an amazing creative individual! You are an imaginative being who came into this earth to support yourself and others. You are one of so many that can acknowledge the gift of reassuring yourself and others that life is "OK." The challenges brought forth for you and those around you are of your own doing. These challenges allow you and others to benefit in perfect joy and happiness.  It is your choice whether to take this as a positive or a negative.

Your ability to use your given gift of creativity gives liberation from life’s ups and downs. You can conquer it in joy and happiness. Using creativity provides you with systems that stimulate synapses in your brain. This enhances many connections, formulating that which was nonexistent before. Your brain then utilizes these newly formed synapses to resolve anything that requires help.  This is accomplished on a subconscious level without you even having to think about it. It is automatic!  Some forms of creativity that enhance yourself are art, film, dance and music. It does not matter how good you are.  The only thing that necessary is your desire to physically do it -- create!

Remove everything that anyone has ever told you about your creativity. Like “you cannot draw” or “you can’t create.”  Allow yourself to express only what you want to express. You are unique! Freedom of expression is liberty! That act of expression is that which connects you to your inner most self. Activation of your subconscious stimulates new synapses in your brain.  This allows you to be creative in any situation. Whether it be problem solving or just plain fun, you will become more activated and enhanced by inspiration.

So take an art class or a dance class. Remember you can do it because you are Magnificent.  And watch yourself become more and more aware of who you are and why you are here.

Art:  Iridis by Andre Ferrella

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