Your State of Wholeness

"Throughout our lives we long to love ourselves more deeply and to feel connected with others. Instead, we often contract, fear intimacy, and suffer a bewildering sense of separation. We crave love, and yet we are lonely. Our delusion of being separate from one another, of being apart from all that is around us, gives rise to all of this pain." ~ Sharon Salzberg
This is the perfect time for us to practice a shift in consciousness. The delusion of separation causes of pain. The false belief in separation creates contraction, fear and suffering. And now, we've been asked to self-quarantine and practice "social distancing." Much of our world is locked down. Many are feeling isolated, alone, and disconnected from loved ones. However, this virus is demonstrating how we are not separate; we are interconnected and interrelated with everyone and everything. We are inter-being. We are whole as one living system. Take a moment, become aware of your breath, and come back into your state of wholeness.


During this time of "physical distancing" practice greater wholeness, as well as authentic connection. Make a phone call. Write a letter. Get on Zoom, Skype or Facetime. Practice being more transparent with your love. Use your voice to tell people how you feel. Express gratitude. Give genuine compliments. Share your feelings. Make new heart connections and find creative ways to keep your connections enlivened and meaningful during this time. Feel your heart connection with others and make a note of how you feel during the distancing.

But also, during this time of global fear and anxiety, feel into your own wholeness. What does oneness with all beings and things feel like? How do you experience your wholeness? When you return to your innate unity and your inherent wholeness, you discover a sacred level of connection that lasts far beyond "physical distancing." I invite you to be a more conscious, courageous, and compassionate co-creator of the beautiful world of LOVE AND CONNECTION we want to see. Join us in the Connection Field for the GOOD of the WHOLE.  This is one way to come back into your state of wholeness during these times of unprecedented change and global healing. It's a free global service project created by our Mentoring Stewards. Community is available 5 hours each day on Zoom. It's just a click away. I hope to see you there! 

A World of Love,



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  • Kevin Hobbs
    commented 2020-04-01 21:02:19 -0500
    Thank You so much Julie. I am cross posting your work on my socials, it was such a pleasure to meet you.

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