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On the afternoon of February 5, 2015, the Youth of Peace CC (Cooperation Circle, part of United Religions Initiative) gathered in Yemen for a silent stand project entitled “Forgiveness and Peace Are the Most Nominal Humanitarian Values.” The following is Anwer Abdulkrem Dahak’s report on the event.


Peace is considered the most nominal human value on this planet, which contains the quietness and peacefulness. Peace brings humans the financial and social calmness, and it is rarely appreciated by those who have not tasted the pain of wars. Peace is considered a mainstay to any humanitarian flourishing and development in material and moral matters. Peace becomes a necessity requested by everybody in this planet.

As we know, Yemen has existed in a situation absent of peace, and with widespread armed conflicts, in most of its cities for years, until life in this situation is a culture accepted and worn by all Yemeni - which complicates our aim to reach peace. However, we find a light hope in the upcoming generation through planting the peace culture in them.

The general goal of the project: 

Spread the peace culture and its importance in achieving the development in Yemen.

Project goals:

1.       Acquire the attention of the media to play their real roles in awareness of the importance of peace.

2.       Attract the attention the stakeholders and political and social figures to their roles in achieving peace.

3.       Guide the youth power to the hard work of finding a fertile ground for peace.

Event location: 

The location of the event would have been in Sana’a, but because of the security situation in Sana’a, we preferred to make it in Taiz, 264 KM south of Sana’a. We choose a place in a commercial chamber street in front of the Hashem Ali wall panel, because this street is secured and near to governmental foundations.

Event description:

 A silent stand aims for peace, forgiveness and coexistence as a basic mainstay to build a secure community. In this event, banners against conflict were raised and claimed peace as a culture among community members. The event acquired a huge attention from youth, principles and NDC coordinators in the Taiz government. In addition, there was a significant presence of women in the stand.


1.       A positive effectiveness among the youth and principles of Taiz with the silent stand content.

2.       A significant presence of women to participate in the silent stand, although Yemen is conservative country.

3.       Enhance the peace among existing sectarians.

4.       Motivate youth to accept the others through dialogue.

5.       Spread the concept of peace in new forms and discuss sectarianism.


1.       Bad security situations, which obliged us to change the location of the silent stand from Sana'a to Taiz.

2.       Some TV channels did not broadcast the stand because of its business to cover the political and security situation.


This article was first published March 27, 2015, 9:04 AM by United Religions Initiative, titled:

Forgiveness and Peace Are the Most Nominal Humanitarian Values

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