Our Shared Purpose

GOOD of the WHOLE's shared purpose is to contribute to a shift in mass consciousness and the dominant worldview of fear, scarcity and separation to love, abundance and wholeness.  We advocate and support an ethos of love and wholeness as the transformative and foundational principles that inform the fundamental character, spirit, beliefs, customs and practices of our culture.  We cultivate an enduring, unified expression and embodied, felt experience of humanity's inherent unity, wholeness and creative potential in order to inspire and activate others to remember their individual wholeness and serve that wholeness through the collective greater good of others and the planet.

Mission and Vision

GOOD of the WHOLE's mission is to provide opportunities to experience, express and embody the ethos of whole.

GOOD of the WHOLE envisions a conscious world where every individual feels valued, connected and fully expressed as a whole being within the greater whole.



"Good of the Whole marshals all the forces of

love in action." ~ Andrew Harvey


Imagine a conscious community of like-minded people bringing unitive consciousness to life... imagine a world of greater connectivity where individuals and organizations work together for the GOOD of the WHOLE... 




We are coming together with courageous expression to ground the force of love with the intention to #LoveMore for the good of the whole.  For more information on how to join the #LoveMore Challenge, CLICK HERE. 


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GOOD of the WHOLE Declaration and Invitation

We, Global Co-Creatives, come together to support an enduring, unified expression of Humanity's creative potential for the GOOD of the WHOLE. 

Honoring the unitive consciousness, we trust the impulse of divine wisdom/universal intelligence co-creating through us.  We relax into resonance and rest in the mystery of unknowing, allowing ourselves to be moved and guided by this creative force. 

As interdependent global citizens in shared purpose, we weave more light, healing, resonance, and joy into our social fabric.  We are a calming presence and midwife the evolution of consciousness as we continually grow, expand, and remember our wholeness.

GOOD of the WHOLE "embodies the ethos of WHOLE" through the following expressions:

Embodied Consciousness:  We unite to provide a grounding force of love and share our gifts in service to the greater whole of the collective human body.  We look toward the big picture, while reflecting and inspiring an authentic expression of individual and planetary health, wholeness and the greater good.

Community:  We unite to create a supportive and nourishing community, field of resonance, and "home frequency" for Global Co-Creatives to connect, refresh and renew.  We anchor our creative potential by bringing the embodied experience of this frequency into every relationship and aspect of living.

Resources:  We unite to build and share an open source repository of unitive wisdom, resources, tools and best practices.  We make visible individuals, organizations and initiatives aligned with the greater good and bring awareness to local and global needs.

Communications:  We unite to create a clear, coherent message, share the good works of others, and collectively celebrate our wholeness through a myriad of living expressions and global campaigns.

Education:  We unite to create, provide or share evolutionary education, curriculum and learning opportunities, founded in resonance, wholeness, sustainability, consciousness and humanity's creative potential for individuals and groups of all ages, backgrounds and life experience. 

Emergence Response:  We unite to respond to planetary and humanitarian needs in times of natural disaster, crisis and concern.  We aggregate and mobilize resources when possible and provide organized prayer, support and activism.

And so, in our fullest and highest collective expression, we activate our shared purpose to deliver unique, meaningful, fun and uplifting expressions for the GOOD of the WHOLE. 


Become a Force for GOOD!  How?

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