Together we can make a difference!

GOOD of the WHOLE's mission is to cultivate an ethos of wholeness and advance a WholeWorld-View, from the grass roots to the evolutionary edge, by providing opportunities to experience, embody and express our inherent wholeness.

GOOD of the WHOLE envisions a conscious world where every individual feels valued, connected and fully expressed as a whole being within the interconnected, interdependent, unified greater whole.

We Cultivate the Ethos of Wholeness,

Advance the WholeWorld-View and

Experience, Embody and Express Inherent Wholeness

GOOD of the WHOLE's shared purpose is to contribute to a shift in mass consciousness and transcend the fragmented worldview of fear, scarcity and separation to a WholeWorld-View of love, abundance and unity. As Stewards, we cultivate an ethos of wholeness and embodied consciousness as the transformative and foundational principles informing our culture and evolutionary times. As a coalition of individuals and organizations, we lift up and support one another to strengthen and amplify the evolutionary impulse and creative potential within these transformational times. 

We are whole beings contributing to, and in service of a greater undivided whole.

We understand that when the individual serves the greater whole, the whole gives back and serves the individual. We share a strong awareness of cultural and planetary issues and commit to take action where called to serve the greater good. We invest time, talent, and resources to support individuals, communities and social causes aligned with co-creating a WholeWorld-View and regenerative culture of justice, peace and love. Join us as we come together to:

Establish Meaningful Connection

Experience Resonance and Heart-Centered Living

Mentor the Evolution of Consciousness

Co-Create and In-Form a WHOLE New Way of Being  

"Good of the Whole marshals all the forces of love in action." ~ Andrew Harvey

Let's co-create the new narrative of wholeness and play with the power of our connection.  



What is Love Lives Here: 40 Days of Reconnection? 

The shared purpose of Love Lives Here: 40 Days of Reconnection is to experience the healing and regenerative force of love in our daily lives by focusing on our relationships with ourselves, each other, the earth and the Sacred in all Life.  The invitation is to come together as a growing community, to restore our connection with the heart of what matters and serve the greater whole. 

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GOOD of the WHOLE has been supported 100% by volunteer stewards and in-kind services for the past five years.  As we transition to non-profit status, it is time to hire full-time administrative support.  Your financial gift can make that possible.  Simply, click on the image above.  Thank you for making a difference!  If you know of someone who would be willing to provide in-kind administrative support during Love Lives Here: 40 Days of Reconnection, please email    


  1. Sociology. the fundamental character or spirit of a culture; the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs, or practices of a group or society; dominant assumptions of a people or period: In the Greek ethos the individual was highly valued.
  2. the character or disposition of a community, group, person, etc.
  3. the moral element in dramatic literature that determines a character's action rather than his or her thought or emotion.

World View

  1. a comprehensive conception or image of the universe and of humanity's relation to it.


  1. comprisingthe full quantity, amount, extent, number, , without diminution or exception; entire, full,or total:He ate the whole pie. They ran the whole distance.
  2. containingall the elements properly belonging; complete:We have a whole set of antique 
  3. undivided;in one piece:to swallow a thing 
  4. Mathematics.integral, or not 
  5. notbroken, damaged, or impaired; intact:Thankfully, the vase arrived 
  6. uninjuredor unharmed; sound:He was surprised to find himself whole after the 
  7. pertainingto all aspects of human nature, especially one's physical, intellectual, and spiritualdevelopment:education for the whole 
  8. thewhole assemblage of parts or elements belonging to a thing; the entire quantity, account, extent, or number:He accepted some of the parts but rejected the 
  9. athing complete in itself, or comprising all its parts or 
  10. anassemblageof parts associated or viewed together as one thing; a unitary 

Join us. Together we will cultivate the ethos of wholeness and advance the WholeWorld-View, from the grass roots to the evolutionary edge, by collectively providing opportunities to experience, embody and express our inherent wholeness.


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    Interconnectedness and Life Consciousness Evolving

    Published by Together In Creation People have defined and manipulated the environment from a painfully arrogant human-centered perspective. In creating modern systems of knowledge we have separated from our indigenous wisdom. It seems that in our intellectual quest we have lost sight of the possibility that the planet and its species do not exist for human benefit alone. Humans, like other species, are just a small part of a much larger life consciousness evolving.  We are a relatively recent and immature species that has the ability to impact the planet in powerful ways. So called "civilized" societies can be seen as branching off from indigenous communities to pursue knowledge and mastery of life that is disconnected from our innate instinct and our diverse somatic intelligences. As such, we have not yet evolved to the level of other species that have already integrated their unique gifts in mutually enriching ways with their life sustaining environment.
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    An Urgent Message From Your Children

    Go to to add your own video today! An Urgent Message From Your Children is a Public Service Video Series featuring children speaking in their own words to adults, expressing their fears, concerns and their hopes for the future of our planet, and making an appeal to all of us to respond with appropriate urgency. We made the video above with an incredible group of kids (all under 13 years old).
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    Seeds Of Peace

    Seeds of Peace was founded to create opportunities for young people to come together across lines of conflict.  "Haifa Staiti met a kindred spirit at a lakeside summer camp in Maine. The two teens talked for hours under the trees. “I felt I was being heard, and I felt comfortable about sharing my experiences,” she said, adding that they remain good friends to this day. It was no ordinary summer camp, but one meant to break down divides. Staiti, a Palestinian, and her friend, an Israeli, were early participants in the Seeds of Peace program that allows Israelis and Palestinians to meet in a neutral environment."
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